"Results better than expected!!!

I was referred to Brendan Daugherty in significant time of need in my life. I was facing a DUI charge, divorce, and possible loss of my job if convicted. Brendan was able to sit down with me in his office to gather facts, discuss options, and answer any questions I had, all while taking his time doing so. I did not feel rushed and her was EASY to talk to, not something I'd heard about dealing with other lawyers before. 

Brendan was able to get the DUI charge dropped down to reckless endangerment, and is currently working to get it expunged from my permanent record. He smoothed over my divorce with ease, and I have moved on to my new life in a better mental state. I got to keep my job and am having continued success. 

I would definitely recommend Brendan Daugherty to any of my friends or family that may need legal advice and representation. Thanks again Brendan. You really DID help me in my time of need, and I know you'll continue to help others." - J.W.

"I hired Mr. Daugherty in 2014 to represent my DUI case. Although I was extremely nervous to discuss the possible outcomes of my case, he immediately put my mind at ease with his confident and professional attitude. Mr. Daugherty always seemed sincerely interested in my case and answered every question I had. I never felt like I was "just another client" to him; he genuinely cared about the outcome of the case and how it affected my future. I never felt as if he judged me for the DUI rather he just wanted to help me. He is an excellent lawyer and because of him my future looks a lot brighter." - J.J.

"While I struggled with the reality of my case Brendan Daugherty was always available to explain any unclear circumstances along with finding multiple ways to the win the case. You could always depend on an honest and firm reaction from this man; not only a fantastic lawyer but dependable as he always returned messages." - C.H.

"I had a case that was 5 years old. Mr. Daugherty we was able to get my case dismissed with the condition that I complete a class. Also Mr. Daughery is working on doing some expungement for me on my record. Very affordable and fast." - R.M.